< Josefine Mutzenbacher Teil VI ... wie sie heute wär: Die Nacht der wilden schwänze

Released: 1987
Director: Gunter Otto
Notes: Herzog DVD
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Willi Montana as Willi Stenz plays a client
  • Fridolin Müller plays Herr Schwangermacher
  • Sascha Atzenbeck as Titus Sting plays Johann, Josefine's chauffeur
  • and others

Continuing roughly where Teil V left off.

The sanatorium joke is continued in this one and Herr Schwangermacher comes to the establishment to solve his sexual problems with his extremely conservative and virgin wife Matilde (XNK0752) who constantly rejects his advances for sex. Schwangermacher has also brought Matilde with him, surprising Josefine who keeps her establishment for male 'patients' but she agrees to accept the couple. It soon turns out that Matilde is a nymphomaniac who lied on her virginity to marry naïve Schwangermacher and avoid him in bed.

The postman delivers the mail, Claudia Mehringer collects it, dressed in her negligée, but drops a letter. The postman bends to pick it up and finds himself staring straight into her pussy. The inevitable follows.

In the bar next the pool, XNK0743 is belly dancing on a table to entertain the clients and the girls.

In another bit of padding, a video (non-h/c, a scene is from Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose) is playing in the bar of a young couple in an Alpine pasture. The blonde is a little reluctant to let her boyfriend have his way.

This is followed by some action in and around the pool (featuring XNK0755) and another video - an out-take from Leila Vigso's outing as Josefine which is not included in the original film. Josefine goes behind the counter at Siggi Buchner's butcher's shop and is giving him a blowjob when an old lady (Rosl Mayr) comes in to buy some sausage.

The fact that this is meant to continue from the previous episode is now indicated by a continuation of the kitchen scene between the cook (Gabi) and the chauffeur. Their activites on the table had destroyed the tetrapack of milk and there is a call for coffee from the bar. She has to supply the milk herself (the process looks faked). This human milk turns out to be an aphrodisiac and the action starts up again.

The chauffeur finds himself answering the door sporting an erection. Fortunately it is the cinema usherette from Teil V (XNK0741) coming for a job. They have sex in the hall and a client falls down stairs and joins in.

Schwangermacher grew very sad after he discovered the real personality of his wife and decided to depart, leaving Matilde at the brothel. On receiving his cheque at his departure, Josefine attempted to return the favour but Schwangermacher rejected her.

Matilde now returns to the bar in a sexy outfit and there is a general free for all throughout the house, it seems, as the cook takes on the bearded man from Teil V in the bath and Josefine and the cinema usherette have a g/g session. They are served refreshements by XNK0743. Claudia Mehringer uses a banana on herself.

XNk0744 serves Josefine a nightcap before she settles down to a dream of being gangbanged in heaven while Matilde has one of the clients on the toliet seat. Some watersports involved here.

Much clarification received from B. S.

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