< Just One Day

Released: c. 1991
Director: Dino
Notes: DBM DinoVision DV206, also on DBM Classics 6 DVD with New Ass in Town, also features Tianna
Alternate Titles
  • DinoVision 6 - Just One Day
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Rally van Kamp plays Ralf
  • Christophe Clark, as Christof Clark, plays Kapitän Frank, the pilot
  • Olaf Tanner, as Olaf Olafson, plays Chauffeur Charly
  • Peter Samson (probably Achim Brunn) plays Rocker 1 (rocker, an outdated term from the mods and rockers era, now would be described as a biker)
  • Norbert Finch plays Rocker 2
  • Robert Alan plays Rocker 3
  • Alban Ferry plays Rocker 4

The rockers are Achim Brunn, Ali, Mike Bolz and a young-looking Richard Lengin.

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