< Junge Knospen

Released: 1991
Director: Moli
Notes: Magma, VHS Nr. 88 152, DVD reissue in their classic series as (Cat.No. 68004) on 15.12.2007. DVD rip with German sound. Shot on location in Hungary.
Alternate Titles
  • Budding Beauties
Notes and Reviews

Main credits (in a large typeface): Christoph Clark, Lena Swetlana, Miros Vitkov. Subsidiary credits (in a smaller font): Tatjana Doryenkow, Petra Stolenina, Monika Ladicz, Helena Grakow, Erszebeth Kalin, Andrea Koslowsky. The latter set seems to be fictional and while a couple of the names also occur in Das Monster und die Schöne and Intime Kammerspiele they cannot be assigned to specific cast-members.

Headmaster Christophe Clark on a bus trip with a female teacher and a class of teenagers. There are several non-sex female cast-members.

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