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Released: 1982
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard
Alternate Titles
  • Keine kann es besser West Germany, Mike Hunter 079
  • Steck ihn rein, geile Sau Mike Hunter DVD title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jacky Arnal plays André
  • Jacques Gatteau plays André's brother
  • Hubert Géral plays Philip, a lawyer who is having an affair with Karine
  • Guy Royer plays Robert, husband of Karine
  • Jacky St Denis, in a very short role, plays a private detective (?) trying to find evidence of adultery.

Cathy Stewart plays a young girl (Vicky) who visits some friends of her parents. A lawyer offers Vicky a job, but he is using her so that his girlfriend gets a divorce and a big alimony settlement.

Scenes -

  1. André (Jacky Arnal) and Clementine (XNK1992)
  2. Vicky (Cathy Stewart) and Clementine (XNK1992)
  3. Karine (Dominique St Clair) and Robert (Guy Royer) on a boat in a harbour
  4. Vicky (Cathy Stewart) and André (Jacky Arnal)
  5. Vicky (Cathy Stewart) and Philip, the lawyer (Hubert Géral)
  6. Karine (Dominique St Clair) and Philip (Hubert Géral)
  7. Clementine (XNK1992) and André's brother (Jacques Gatteau) and later with André (Jacky Arnal)
  8. Robert (Guy Royer) with his girlfriend (Marianne Aubert)
  9. André's brother (Jacques Gatteau) with Vicky (Cathy Stewart) and XNK1993

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