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Released: 2000
Director: Kovi
Notes: Private Black Label 12
  • Adrienne as Adriana (Adrienn in the end credits), plays Jessica
  • Csilla Arcovic as Csila Star (Anita in the end credits and Baby Face in the cast menu), plays Sophie
  • Eva Hot as Mercedes, Plays Sandra
  • Katerina Atos as Katy, plays Tina
  • Liz Petri as Elizabeth in the end credits, plays Kathy
  • Maria Szolontai as Maria (Maria Bellucci on Private download site), plays Julia
  • Silvia Bella as Sylvi Anderson (Szilvia in the end credits), plays Jamie
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Synopsis courtesy Private

Billy was feeling very lonely, but one lucky afternoon he met the stunningly beautiful Julia. She was working in a hairdressers, and as Billy passed by he decided he desperately needed a haircut. It was love at first sight, and she melted into his arms. They spent a few wonderful weeks together, until Billy discovered he wasn't the only person in Julia's life. Only available in NTSC-format.

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