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Released: 1977
Director: Andrei Feher as Andrew Whyte
Alternate Titles
  • Hon älskade en sommar Max's DVD title
  • Jag vill ligga med din älskare, mamma...
  • Love Merry Go Round
  • She Loved That Summer English DVD cover title
  • Swedish Confessions UK
  • Swedish Love Story
  • Vieni Vieni...Voglio Fare l'Amore Con Te Italy
  • Anne Magle as Anne von Lindberger, plays Doris, Gladys's teenage daughter
  • Barbara Scott as Maud Hagberg, plays Gladys
  • XNK5924 non-sex, plays an exotic dancer
  • XNK5925 non-sex, plays a stripper
  • XNK5926 non-sex, plays an exotic dancer
  • XNK5927 plays a honey-trap girl, probably in a wig
  • XNK5928 plays a honey-trap girl
  • XNK5929 non-sex, plays the woman at an outdoor meal with Gladys and their husbands
Notes and Reviews

Apart from Barbara Scott and Anne Magle, imdb lists the following females, who are greater in number than the listed unknowns. Moreover character names are not clear from watching the film (at least when watched for screen-capping purposes):

  • Sonja Rivera plays the Princess
  • Eva Strand plays Isabelle
  • Lena Blom plays Barbara
  • Anna Parker plays Vivi
  • Mona Larsson plays the Spy-girl (one of the honey-trap girls?)
  • Marie Viklund, uncredited, plays a stripper
  • Maria Martinsson, uncredited, plays a stripper
  • Liz Nordgren plays a stripper

However, maybe the softcore version differs from the hardcore version.

Male cast ('uncredited' refers to the Max's hardcore DVD version and maybe some characters do not appear in that) -

  • Jack Frank, as Jan Lundin, plays Dr. Romeo Calligari
  • Jan-Olof Rydqvist plays Mr.X
  • Jan Klevbrand plays the Banker
  • Ewert Granholm, uncredited, plays the Inspector
  • Arne Sjöholm, uncredited, plays Arnold
  • Robert Eriksson, uncredited, plays Luigi
  • Johan Tall, uncredited, plays Mr. James
  • Thore Karlsson, uncredited, plays the private detective
  • Mustafa Jabad, uncredited, plays the Sheik
  • Raymond Ekholm, uncredited, plays the diplomat
  • Lennart Gran, uncredited, plays a burglar
  • Ted Svensson, uncredited, plays a burglar
  • Stig Ekm, uncredited, plays the police officer
  • Kurt Lind, uncredited, plays the bartender

There seem to be two plot strands in this film, and without a knowledge of Swedish, it is difficult to understand the connection between them.

First Romeo Calligari picks up and seduces Gladys, a married woman whose husband is away. Gladys's daughter spies on them while they are making love and decides to seduce Calligari herself. She succeeds and Gladys is left frustrated and reduced to picking up a man in a bar. The man thinks he has taken advantage of her in her drunken state, but as she leaves, she takes money out of her purse and throws it at him.

Second, Mr X, who has telephone conversations with Calligari, seems to be running a strip club where some of the girls are used as honey-traps, being filmed having sex with important people, presumably for blackmail or espionage purposes.

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