< Kristina Bellanova 2: Geile Gefahr

Released: 1994
Director: Kullervo Koivisto
Notes: Kristina Bellanova Video production / Videoa Art Holland / Videorama
Alternate Titles
  • Kristina Belanova 2: Private Dancer
  • Kristina Belanova Teil 2 - Geile gefahr Videorama / Video Art Holland 80652, title on cover and disc-label only
  • A Millionaire Hooker - Private Dancer Video Art Holland
  • Heidi Novgorod as Heidi Marbez?
  • Kristina Bellanova
  • Lisbeth as Mari Renkova, Heili Luik or uncredited, plays a stripper
  • Marella Inari
  • Mari Penkova as Mari Renkova; non sex, plays a stripper; role name probably Mari
  • Natalia [8]
  • XNK8472 as Heidi Marbetz, Heili Luik or uncredited, called Heli in the scene
  • XNK8473 as Heidi Marbetz, Heili Luik or uncredited; non sex, plays a stripper
  • XNK8475 as Heidi Marbetz, Heili Luik or uncredited; non sex, plays a stripper, maybe role name Miss Helminen
Notes and Reviews

The credit "Mari Renkova" could be for Mari Penkova. If so, Mari Penkova is one of the XNK's.

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