< Kelly's Way to Love

Released: 2001
Director: Kelly Stafford
Notes: Rocco Siffredi Produzione, stars Kelly Stafford (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Nestydatá Kelly Czech Republic
  • Rocco & Kelly 3 MMV
  • Rocco e Kelly Delirio Trans EPM / Rocco Siffredi Produzioni, probably the most complete version
Notes and Reviews

Rocco's vulnerable psyche is damaged by Kelly's extraordinary sexual deeds and he decides to attend a group therapy session. Naturally, the ideal location for Rocco is Prague where female psychiatrists have long tongues and happen to look like voluptuous porn stars.

The following scenes with Kelly are supposed to be reflections of Rocco's memory or imagination.

  1. Kelly was met earlier by Gabriel Zero at Roissy and the Nacho-Kelly duo who are going through an artifical master-slave dialectic now arrive at a club where they find Titof getting the attention of a Latina shemale. Kelly is soon into the game and a scene with a drop of gender confusion ensues where, inevitably, Kelly is the centre of the action. Master Nacho is content with Kelly's performance and at the end, he expresses appreciation by pissing in her mouth. Shemales look like tokens throughout the scene and I wonder if this one was simply an excuse to put the phrase "delirio trans" in the title.
  2. Since we are already witnessing a group therapy in Prague, an extra scene featuring an all-Czech cast will do no harm. One of the males in the therapy group (Manuel Ferrara) tells about a girl's (Sabina) experience with her favourite star (Dasha). She meets her idol in front of the State Opera but the star herself prefers the vile company of porn performers instead of refined intelligentsia. We soon discover that she has some other odd habits like drug abuse, tasting her own pee, and anally penetrating her pretty fans with a strap-on. The girl imitates her in developing radical tastes and grows an addiction for a2m.
  3. The psychiatrist (Hana) comes up with a cutting-edge theory on sexual fantasies (yes, Freud was born in the Czech lands too) and Rocco is provoked to include her in a fantasy. Even Rocco's wild imagination works selectively, assigning her, opposed to the blonde patient (Valery), the task of getting engaged with two blokes plus Rocco, surprisingly with no DP. It's a pity that her effort is not appreciated the way Kelly's was.
  4. Kelly and two other girls perform with multiple males ("The Gang Boy Fans of Kelly") at a Parisian setting with a seemingly banlieusard touch. This may look like a gangbang thanks to the crowd factor but it's rather a bukkake (or 'blowbang' if you like) scene because only a limited number of professionals around get to fuck the girls: Kelly takes on Alan Gwada and Nacho, Rita takes on Kevin Long and Nacho, so on.

This film essentially employs a far-fetched storyline to serve the sole purpose of connecting scenes that bolster 'Kelly the Freak' myth. If you're a true devotee of the Rocco & Kelly saga, it is one that you won't want to miss.

B. S., reviewing the Italian version.

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