< Die Klippe der Entscheidung

Released: c. 1995
Director: JC (or W.O.M.)
Notes: Goldlight
Notes and Reviews

The end credits say "Starring - Natalia, Kim Dalton, Jean-Do, Tanya Lariviere, Deborah, Dehlaila, Nicky". The credits which appear near the start say "Natalia, Kim Dalton, Deborah, Santino Lee, Tanya Lariviere, Jaen-Do, Mitch Clockwiese, Nicky".

Shot on location in London and Palma de Mallorca. In one scene a German license plate can be seen; so maybe some scenes have been made there, too.

The movie is quite long (140 minutes) and deals with sex, murder and insurance fraud.

Mona Seidelmann (Nathalie Rommel) is working as an insurance clerk. Her boss sends her to London, where she pays out the cash sum of a life insurance to Mr. (Herr) Scheffler.

At the beginning of the movie he has had sex with his wife. After they have left the hotel he pushes her on the street where she's run over by a car driven by his accomplice Inge (Tanja Larriviere). Mona instinctively feels that something is wrong with this guy as she watches him getting a blowjob from another girl named Laura who is killed later in the same way. With the help of a false key she enters his hotel room where she must hide herself quickly because Inge and Mr. Scheffler suddenly come in. Mona leaves while they have sex.

The action then continues at Mallorca. 'Accidentally' Mona and Mr. Scheffler meet again, but he doesn't recognize her because she's wearing contacts instead of her glasses. After they have had sex in his room he is visited by Inge who gets nailed too and tries to persuade him to murder Mona.

At night Mona and the guy walk down a deserted street, but he changes his mind and Inge misses her target. He confesses all to her and tells her that he has been forced to murder by Inge. She tells him that she has fallen in love with him and they share the night together.

Next morning we see Mona receiving another insurance agent who delivers an insurance policy to her. It's not clear to me if she has murdered Mr. Scheffler, but even if she has done so it's illogical, because there was less occasion to conclude a life insurance contract.

In the end we see her walking to a cliff. She recalls her memories (various sex scenes with Scheffler) and throws away the contract.

The story often lacks logic, but Tanja Lariviere and Nathalie Romel do a good job. Not only their sexual, but even their acting skills, have convinced (me)!


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