< I Kolasmeni tou Sex

Released: 1974
Director: Dimitris Galatis
Notes: Greece, softcore, Ester Films, c. 90 mins. English translation: 'The Sex Damned'
Alternate Titles
  • Gefsi apo lefko thanato alternative VHS title of Greek soft version
  • Oi Kolasmenoi tou Sex alternative rendering of the title in the Roman alphabet
  • Lefka onira, lefkos thanatos alternative VHS title of Greek soft version
  • Le Porno schiave del vizio 1979?, Dir. given as Dim Galatis Italy, hardcore video release by Eterna Films, Italian sound, c. 79 mins.
Notes and Reviews

The Italian hardcore release of this originally Greek film is of poor technical quality.

Males (names in brackets are as they appear in the Italian hardcore release) -

  • Anestis Vlachos
  • Dimitris Bislanis (as Dim Bislah)
  • Nikos Verlekis (as Nik Verlek) plays a street painter
  • Christos Anagnostopoulos (as Chris Amas)
  • Kostas Politidis (as K. Politi)
  • Yiorgos Theodoropoulos (as G. Theodor)
  • Kostas Stefanakis (as Costas Stephan)

Plot Summary –

A young and beautiful girl, Natasha, is found unconscious in the port of Piraeus by a hippie-looking artist (a painter of scenes and portraits for passers-by), who comes to her rescue shortly before she attempts to commit suicide (?). We gradually discover her story - one of a girl being manipulated by a gang of ruthless drug smugglers, who force her to do everything (sexually speaking) in order to have her daily fix. After a lot of action (including her crippled brother being taken hostage and executed by the gangsters), Natasha manages to take revenge and ends up with the street painter.

Some remarks -

Despite its poor technical quality, the Italian hardcore release of this originally softcore Greek erotic action/thriller film (which is extremely hard to find nowadays in Greece, even in its VHS version, which circulated in the mid 1980s) is of the utmost importance. In fact, it constitutes, to my knowledge, one of the earlier cases of a Greek soft porn film to which hard core footage was added (probably filmed in parallel to the shooting of the soft core scenes), but not always featuring the original cast. With the exception of one (totally irrelevant) scene featuring a young Brigitte Verbecq and Jean-Pierre Armand, all the other hard scenes involving one male (one of the less well known male actors to have participated in this film?) and three girls (a brunette and two blondes, some of whom may also have taken part in them) seem likely enough to originate from the original shooting of this film. These suspicions are enhanced not only by the presence of the (more or less) same scenery, but essentially from the fact that the body doubles used (especially for Natasha O'Fray) have been chosen so that they look very much like the protagonist: the brunette (who wears a wig) has the same sort of black bandage in her hand and wears the same jewelry. But a closer look of her beautiful breast makes all the difference (she has firm tits, with nicely shaped nipples, unlike those of O'Fray)! Besides, despite the serious foreplay and licking displayed in the scenes that (the real) O'Fray shares with all her main male protagonists (respectively Vlachos, Verlekis and Bislanis, well known mainstream actors), not one of them is involved in hardcore sex. This seems also to be the case with all the other porn flicks (involving hardcore footage) in which O'Fray took part in the years to come and which can be consulted in her EGAFD filmography.


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