< Die Kunst der Liebe

Released: 2004
Director: Garcia (probably Harley)
Notes: Pleasure V 9217 (VHS) / V 89217 (DVD)
  • Andy Moon as?
  • Horst Baron as?
  • Markus Waxenegger as?
  • Tom Cruiso as?
Notes and Reviews


  1. Rebecca Shy, Tom Cruiso; scene reused in: Lights! Camera! Fuck Me
  2. Pilar Fuentes, Horst Baron; scene reused in: Lights! Camera! Fuck Me
  3. Lexi Blank, Andy Moonscene reused in: Ma' Fuckers 1
  4. Gina Blonde, Markus Waxeneggerscene reused in: Sluts from Abroad

The mentioned films are released by Velocity-X, probably for the US.

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