< Love in Hong Kong

Released: 1983
Director: Joe d'Amato as Alexander Boroscky
Notes: soft
Notes and Reviews

Lilly Chan is unlisted.

Males -

  • Guy Royer
  • Siggi Hulm
  • Robert Dengel
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Frankie Wav
  • Mark Shannon appears but is uncredited, at least under that name.

Given the cast and how they look, it was impossible to believe that the 1989 usually given as the date of this film was correct. The copyright notice in the opening credits is difficult to make out on my poor copy, but after a bit of enhancement of a still captured with a darker background, it seemed to say 1983, which seems far more likely. The nature of the cast also suggests the possibility of a hard version, but there may well not be one.

Pauline Teutscher is a journalist in Hong Kong who gets her two young French girlfriends, Marianne Aubert and Veronique Delaissé, to fly half way round the world in order to entrap a couple of rich and famous young men (one is Guy Royer) into compromising positions so that they can be secretly snapped and the pictures published in her paper.

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