< La Locandiera

Released: 2002
Director: Marcus Dolby
Notes: DVD Pinko, approx. 100 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Au bon accueil France
  • Hostinsk√° Czech title
  • The Inn's Girls USA, In-X-Cess
Notes and Reviews

Production date: 14-12-01; 102 min.

Len 801 writes: Shot in deep winter, apparently in Prague. Only a couple of the cast-members are given character names. The Pink'o Italian language-version I saw was of very good visual quality, but the dubbing seems to have been completely redone and even Del Lago was curiously dubbed and out-of-sync'. The storyline is silly as usual; the orgy scene is way overlong and basically does not advance the storyline in any substantial way. The director could have easily improved it by inserting a couple of single separate scenes. If Loren is having so much financial trouble running the inn, how is it that she manages to get so many clients through the door? I do not recall seeing the director name in the on-screen credits or even the boxcover, but I recall seeing the name of Frank Pharro as cinematographer in the end-credits (a "porn name" usually used by Francesco Fanelli).

  1. There is snow on the ground. Maria meets her boyfriend Maurizio (Henry Sequoia) in the parking-lot of her inn and asks for money, since she is having financial difficulties. He is very much in love with her and offers her an engagement ring. To show her appreciation for the money and marriage proposal, she gets in his taxi-van and gives him a BJ, jerking him off over her mouth.
  2. Remigio Zampa and pretty Daniela are getting friendly on a bed. There is a knock at the door. Daniela tells Remigio to go and hide (although he is puzzled as to why). The maid, Julia, enters the room with a bottle of champagne (whoever dubbed her voice pronounces her name like 'Clorine', although that would be unusual - maybe it was meant to be Corinne or some other variation). Daniela invites her to sit down on the bed and begins to kiss and undress her. Before the action gets far, we cut to another scene that takes place in another room of the inn. Antonella is reading a magazine in bed, when Maria brings her breakfast. Antonella is horny and the weather outside is not very promising for outdoors activity, so Antonella invites Maria to spend some intimate time with her. The intercutting continues; Zampa joins Schiffer and Crow and gets to buttfuck them both, and finally jerks off over Dani's pussy.
  3. Suppertime at the inn, with various guests in attendance: Sandra/Francesco Malcolm, Sandy/Denis Marti, Daniela/Zampa, Sabina/Franco Trentalance, three friends (Carlos Manzon, Gabriel Montoya, Luca Bazooka). The chef brings in a surprise: Sandra Kay laid out on a large table, displayed as a culinary dish. Soon a giant orgy develops. Every girl gets anal action and there are DPs for Sandra, Daniela, Julia and Sabina.

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