< Lass es uns im Schnee treiben

Released: 2001
Director: Nils Molitor as Moli
Notes: Magma
Notes and Reviews

End-credits: Natascha, Brigga, Tina, Sophie, Rita, Reinhard, Christian (Steve Holmes), Conny (C Dachs), Fred (Freddy Dalton). As usual, Magma's arithmetic is deficient.


  1. 6941 (anal), Holmes
  2. Natascha [2], Monique (les)
  3. Natascha (b/g), Reinhard
  4. Interlude. While Monique showers, Nat [2] pops in some love-balls
  5. Out in the snow. Nat [2] (b/g), Dalton; intercut with Nat (b/g) and Dachs
  6. Michelle- vibe solo then b/g with Holmes
  7. Both Nataschas, Monique, 6942, Dachs/Reinhard/Dalton/Holmes. All the girls are fucked and the XNK (who has a depilated pussy) is DP'd.

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