< Love and Pain

Released: 1998
Director: Franco lo Cascio (as Mark Principe in French release)
Notes: Gold Pictures in association with MMV. In-X-Cess DVD in USA
Alternate Titles
  • L'Initiation Blue One
  • La Setta soft version?
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Philippe Dean plays Max
  • Roberto Malone plays Valetto
  • Holly One plays the dwarf
  • Silvio Evangelista plays Gobbo
  • Alex Mantegna plays 'Schiavo 1'
  • Anthony Di Nunzio as Anthony plays 'Schiavo 2'
  • John Walton, as Levente, plays ?
  • Frank Gun, uncredited
  • Andrea Dioguardi, uncredited
  • Miro Da Nola, uncredited
  • Maurizio Hogan, uncredited
  • Max Bellocchio, uncredited, non-sex
  • Luca Damiano, uncredited, non-sex
  • Enrico Pro, uncredited, non-sex
  • Giulio Massimini, uncredited, non-sex
  • Luca Valentini, uncredited, non-sex
  • Fausto Moreno, uncredited, non-sex

Roberta Cavalcante (transsexual), as Robby, plays Madame X


  1. Carmen and Sylvia Green- anals
  2. Nikki- b/g
  3. Nikki exposes herself to doggers
  4. Ursula Moore- anal, Niky- b/g
  5. Nikki and Madame X- fem-dom
  6. Nikki, Niky and Ursula- les
  7. Prisca- anal, then Christina- anal
  8. Nikki and Niky- b/g, Judith Kostner and Ursula- BJs
  9. Nikki- anal, Carmen and Csilla- b/g

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