< Lollipops 1

Released: 1996
Director: Moli
Notes: Magma, DVD68075
Notes and Reviews


  • Mariella
  • Sarah
  • Karina
  • Maria
  • Tina
  • (Zoltan) Kabai
  • Reinhard (does not appear)


  1. Orsolja, Valentino
  2. Monica [15], Kabai
  3. Monica [2], Andrew Youngman
  4. Illana, Frank Gun
  5. Brigitte (anal), Youngman.

Generally good (scc. 3/4 in particular) but much marred by sc. 1 - which is a horror-show. Watching V. snaking his tongue all over this pretty girl's face (which he seems to assume - quite, quite wrongly - is sexy) is utterly revolting. Herpetologists and armchair psychologists will find it interesting, though. Still, that's what you get for importing American pseudo-parolees... It's also -and this applies in all the scenes - extremely poor technique to allow a male's ugly mush constantly to obscure the girl's - people are paying to watch her, not him. Also, the camera is in too close, too often, rendering several shots giddily fisheye-like.

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