< Licking Ladies

Released: c. 1993
Director: Harry Gould
Notes: Beverly Hills Pictures / DBM DCU3112; 81 min
Alternate Titles
  • closeup 12 - Licking Ladies
Notes and Reviews


  • Jim Collins
  • Mario van Belden
  • Dieter S.

(Fictitious) male credits: Nick Falk, Tom Tailor and Henry Cool.


  1. Gina Mint (BJ, vag, facial), Dieter S.
  2. Cindy Carrera (BJ, vag, anal, facial), Jim Collins
  3. Gina Mint (BJ, vag, facial), Mario van Belden
  4. Cindy Carrera (BJ, vag, facial), Dieter S.
  5. Dunja (BJ, vag, facial), Mario van Belden (gets a brief BJ, then leaving), Jim Collins

Scenes 2 and 3 are intercut. Scene 4 is intercut with 5.

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