< Mädchen im Nachtverkehr

Released: 1976
Director: Jesus Franco, as Jess Franco
Notes: Elite Film / Ascot Elite, explicit soft
Alternate Titles
  • Girls in Night Trafficking
  • Girls in the Night Traffic DVD title, soft version
  • Heisser Sex Im Nachtverkehr
  • Wild Desire
  • Wild Lust
  • Wilde Lust VFL Video, ABC DVD, h/c version
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Eric Falk
  • Adriano Veronesi
  • plus others un-named

Three girls (Esther Moser, Kali Hansa and Pilar Coll) are friends, one of them is more promiscuous than the other two, but together they get drawn into 'night work' culminating in performing together in a live lesbian sex show in a night club. In the audience is a couple (female is XNK0437) who pay the more promiscuous one to take part ina threesome. During this they drug her and she ends up as a bored whore in an oriental brothel. The same thing happens to the other two.

Apart from a couple of females in the nightclub audience, there are only four active female participants, but IMDB lists six. However they list Kali Hansa, Diotta Fatou, Pilar Coll and Esther Moser as credited girls (Eric Falk as a credited male) and Yvonne Eduser and Marlies Haas (with Adriano Veronesi) as 'rest of cast'. I assume the other girls must appear in the audience in the nightclub scene. My copy is of the hard core version and does not seem to have credits.

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