< Mafia Connection

Released: 1989
Director: Dino
Notes: DBM, Dino's Blue Movie DBM 31 (DBM31 AE), also features Jeannie Pepper (iafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Le Boss et la putain
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Roland Bolonge
  • Christophe Clark as Christoff Grosso
  • uncredited pre-op trans-sexual

It seems that two men (Jean-Pierre Armand and Roland Bolonge ) are released from prison for a day or two (or on parole?). They are fetched home by Solange and an older brunette (Gaëlle Perrera) and go inside to meet Jeannie Pepper. The men then go elsewhere and there is a three-girl lesbian scene involving Solange, Jeannie Pepper and Gaëlle who has a pierced clit. This includes dildo action and fisting of Gaëlle by Jeannie Pepper.

The two men visit a prostitute who turns out to be a she-male. They will have nothing to do with him/her after they make this discovery.

The girly threesome continues in the bath and Solange and Jeannie piss in the face and mouth of Gaëlle. Then they go to the prostitute's house where Gaëlle takes on the she-male and Solange and Jeannie Pepper have sex with the two men to facials. Then Gaëlle and Jeannie Pepper take on the transsexual.

The two men take Solange to a club where a sex show is taking place with two girls. One has a padlocked vagina (Gaëlle taking part in the show) and the other (Hélène Chevalier) sits on an enormous plastic cock. Christophe Clark lets in Solange and the two convicts. They all sit down together and get involved with each other. Solange gives Jean-Pierre Armand a blow job, but this ends abruptly and we see the two convicts (having left Solange behind) talking to a blonde hooker (Karin Schubert) in the street.

Karin Schubert takes them back to her place where yet another brunette (Pénélope Valentin) awaits and they pair off after money changes hands. Karin takes on Jean-Pierre and the other girl has Richard Bolonge. At the end of the scene Karin and her friend reveal themselves as cops, handcuff the two parolees and escort them back to prison.

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