< Morbosamente vostra

Released: 1985
Director: Andrea Bianchi as Andrean Whiter
Alternate Titles
  • Cora
  • Cora bourgeoise ou putain France, Punch Video
  • Double Desire West Germany, VTO
  • Stets Bereit
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Bruno Romagnoli
  • Giancarlo Busmani
  • several uncredited males

Cora suffers from a split personality. Under hypnosis by a psychiatrist, she discovers that she is leading a double life as a prostitute (in a brunette wig) - we see her adventures acted out graphically. This explains why she is disturbed when she happens to witness her maid (XNK0496) having sex with a man and a b/g/g threesome in a car park (Mary Botle and Marisa Costa). The psychiatrist's nurse (XNK0497) also has a brief sex scene, but she is eclipsed as far as the psychiatrist is concerned, when he hears about Cora's double life - and sees it after following her.

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