< Mélodie pour Manuella

Released: 1981
Director: Joë de Palmer as Joe de Lara
Notes: Comex Production / Audifilm, 1 hr 59 mins. (Mike Hunter DVD)
Alternate Titles
  • Bizarre Marilyn ??
  • Le Cauchemar de Manuela
  • Le Choc des stars on-screen video re-issue title, preceding original title, therefore maybe a series name
  • Chocs des stars video re-issue box title, possibly a series name
  • Godimenti bestiali di una signora per bene Italy
  • Marilyn - Bizarre Begierden West Germany, Mike Hunter
  • The Nightmares of Manuella
  • Catherine Ringer plays Forrestier's mistress, Françoise
  • Cathy Stewart as Cathy Grener, plays Manuella's sister, Nathalie
  • Marilyn Jess as Dominique Royes (Dominique Royers on Mike Hunter DVD opening credits), plays a secretary
  • Mika Barthel as Myka Barthel, plays Fabienne, a secretary
  • Myriam [5] uncredited, brunette in first nightmare scene
  • Nathalie Perrey non-sex, plays Manuella's mother
  • Olinka Hardiman as Olinka Zlotsky (as Marilyn on Mike Hunter DVD), plays Manuella Forrestier
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello (as Pierre Mercier?) plays Jean-Pierre Forrestier
  • Marc Winandy plays Nathalie's murderer
  • Guilhem Causse plays Henri
  • Piotr Stanislas (uncredited) appears in the nightmare orgy scenes
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays the accountant, M. Gauthier
  • André Kay (uncredited) appears in the nightmare orgy scenes
  • Guy Bérardant, as Guy Berardan, plays Patrick
  • John Oury plays Georges, the chauffeur

The opening credits to the version entitled Le Cauchemar de Manuela are Pierre Mercier, Olinka Zlotsky, Catherine Ringer, Guy Berardan, Marc Winandy, Cathy Grener.

On the screen, after the Le choc des stars title, the credits give -

  • Female cast: Anne Ordinis, Nathalie Perrey, Mika Bartel, Dominique Roye.
  • Male cast: John Oury, Guilhem Causse, Jacques Marbeuf.

A young actress called Anne Ordinis (unlisted) plays the young Manuella.

Before the credits we can see a young girl calling her mother, obviously frightened. The film opens on a sex scene featuring Olinka, Cathy Stewart, Mika and one other girl with four men (Piotr Stanislas among them, and the one who plays the chauffeur). This scene is a nightmare experienced by Manuella and which leaves her very disturbed.

Jean-Pierre is her husband. He seems to manage a company and has two secretaries. He is about lo go to the mountains with his wife to help her get better. Their chauffeur takes Manuela to Place Vendôme in Paris where she pays visits to famous jewellers. She is obsessed by a vision of the girl we have seen before the credits. On her request, the chauffeur makes love to her in an underground parking lot. She obviously enjoys this and he comes on her buttocks.

In the meantime, Jean-Pierre gets a phone call from a woman (his lover, we guess) and he tells her that everything is going to be alright. (We incidentally learn that the secetary played by Marilyn Jess has two kids and has to work overtime to make ends meet !) Jean-Pierre and Manuela take a plane, arrive in the Alps and go to the chalet they've rented.

On the way, Manuela has another fantasy where the young girl plays with her dog and speaks with her mother. Her sister (Cathy Stewart) joins in. Contrast between sad Manuela surrounded by snow, and young girl playing on the green grass. At the chalet, our couple meets another couple (Catherine Ringer and her husband or boyfriend). She's the woman on the phone, Jean-Pierre's lover.

Sex scene between Jean-Pierre and Manuela (I suck you suck me, doggy style on sofa and in front of the fireplace. He comes masturbating on her ass). At night, the nightmare is back (Olinka + André Key / Marilyn Jess + unknown brunette + Jacques Marbeuf / Mika + Cathy Stewart + chauffeur) Then an ugly man comes in to fuck Manuela. She's terrified.

Skiing. Catherine Ringer knocks Jean-Pierre down. The two couples meet and they agree on seeing each other on the evening. Fantasy scene where we learn that Manuela's sister has been raped and stabbed to death by the ugly man seen in the nightmare which is the explanation of her bad mental state. Manuela has a bath while her husband visits the town and buys a gift. Catherine Ringer's man visits Manuela (for business sake : he has contracts for her husband to sign). Jean-Pierre meets Catherine Ringer, offers her the gift and complains about depending on his wife for his money (she seems to own the company he manages). Discussion between Manuela and Catherine Ringer's man. Tender scene which leads to sex. Catherine Ringer and Jean-Pierre are sexually involved too at the same time, which ends with JP coming onto Catherine Ringer's mouth. We learn that Jean-Pierre manipulates Manuela to get her money. He gives her a fake treatment againt her fears. The two couples spend the evening in a disco where Manuela suddenly starts stripping in front of the audience. Jean-Pierre takes her out and both couples agree on seeing each other the next evening. On the way back, Catherine Ringer and her man make love in the car. On the next evening, the two couples meet for dinner home. This soon leads to a foursome where JP makes love with his lover while Manuela makes love to C. Ringer's man.

Then Manuela freaks out and Jean-Pierre gives her a shot to make her sleep. In the night, she wakes up and goes down to the kitchen for a drink. She's very disturbed and causes a drawer full of knives to fall down. She picks up one. Catherine Ringer comes, understands the situation and gets stabbed as she thinks Manuela is about to kill herself.


Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm. However, this gives a duration of 95 minutes and all three (video and DVD) versions viewed have durations betwee 117 and 119 minutes.

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