< Monique et Julie, deux collégiennes en partouze

Released: 1979
Director: Walter Molitor as Charly Onrop
Alternate Titles
  • Alla signora piace duro
  • Collège très spécial Dir. given as John Love (Alain Payet) French hardcore title, 82 mins.
  • Monique et Julie
  • Papillon d'or
  • Teenager soft UK video version, and German hard version (video box title)
  • Teenager - Internatsporno à la France 1980 West Germany, Scandia
  • Teenager - internatsreport à la France
  • Teenager Internatsreport Germany, Herzog
  • Ultrapornosexymovie
Notes and Reviews

Credited males -

  • Bernard Musson, non-sex, plays the headmaster (director)
  • Jacques Couderc, non-sex, plays a customer at the nightclub bar
  • Jean Tolzac, non-sex, plays Papa Antone, the caretaker (?)

Uncredited males -

  • Guy Royer plays a participant in the orgy scene
  • Dominique Aveline plays a participant in the orgy scene
  • Gilbert Servien plays the owner of the night club
  • Dominique Irissou plays Robert, Irène's brother
  • Etienne Jaumillot plays a customer in the nightclub who is dragged away by his irate wife
  • and others

The movie opens with the director introducing his butterfly collection to us. We learn that these small animals and schoolgirls are very similar. If you do not take care ot them they fly away.

In the first episode, the parents of Irene (Marilyn Jess) visit the school with her brother Robert (Dominique Irrisou) to get some news about their daughter's behaviour. While they are talking to the director Robert makes an appointment with Irene's classmate Suzanne (Celine Gallone) in the bathroom. (The bathrrom is a room off the director's study.) Quickly she kneels down for a gentle blowjob. Then she turns round supporting her hands on the bath tub. Irene who has silently opened the door starts fingering her pussy as she observes her brother banging her classmate.

Invited by Robert, next evening Irene and Suzanne sneak out of school to join a group of girls and guys who are are gathering in a flat to have a group sex orgy. Lucie Doll, Brigitte Verbecq and Morgane are involved. One of the men is Guy Royer. Anotehr seems to be Dominique Aveline. The girls all start blowing the guys before they are banged in various positions. Celine jerks off a guy on her boobs as Marilyn sucks off another dick, rubbing his juice over her lips and pretty face. Brigitte does a nice tit fuck until the guy unloads his thick semen in her mouth. Outstanding scene!

The scene cuts back to the director telling us another story about another horny butterfly.

Anette (Sylvia Engelmann) is a beautiful redhead who has run out of money. At a night club she does a striptease to persuade the owner (Gilbert Servien) to give her a job. Her first client dribbles some champagne over her body with her laying naked on a table. After some pussy licking he steps up to her feeding her mouth with his cock. Then he spreads her legs and penetrates interrupted by the owner. Scene ends without a cumshot and fades back to school and to the night club again. Here we see Anette and another girl (Mireille, XNK2706) giving head to a guy. The girl gets on top of him for a cowgirl ride. Anette pulls out his dick and strokes him off on the girl's back - another very short scene. Back in school the two girls have some lesbian sex in the dorm and in the bathroom with Anette laying on the floor masturbating herself.

The next story is about a beautiful green-eyed brunette named Rosemarie (German version, XNK2707) who has fallen in love with her teacher. Sitting in the classroom she gets lost in her dreams about blowing him and riding his dick. At night we find her manipulating his car (MG roadster?). He's unable to fix the fault but she arrives quickly. After she has taken off her clothes she gives him a blowjob in his car and strokes him off in her hand. Then she starts caressing her clit. We see her getting on top of him for a short moment before he cums on her thighs. Their exertions release the handbrake and the car rolls out into the daylight just as the director is leaving the school building. Teacher and pupil hurriedly get out of the car on the opposite side, naked from the waist down. Rosemarie's friends distract the director so that she and the teacher can get themselves dressed.

Back inside school she meets her curious girl friend, Mireille. Rosemarie has kept some sperm in her hand which she starts licking with the tip of her tongue. Then she wipes the rest into her girlfriend's face with some thick stream of cum dripping down the girl's chin. Finally they kiss each other.

In the last scene Mireille has come under her lesbian teacher's influence. The director is concerned about that and asks Jacques, his nephew to take care of her. Mireille is a big breasted girl with dark hair and she can't resist Jacques for long. He fucks her in the spoon position before he cums on her belly. Mireille and Marilyn Jess then have another appearance doing a strip-tease in front of the caretaker. But they are interrupted by the director who chases them away.

Then we get to know the lesbian teacher (XNK2708). She's a breathtaking tall blonde with long hair, amazing huge boobs and her legs seem endless. Mireille can't resist her either and starts licking her heavy breasts. But before they can continue Jacques arrives and 'rescues' her.

This is one of the better 'internat' movies which contains a lot of varied action and some of the hottest French cuties.


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