< Mädchen ohne Männer

Released: 1975
Director: Erwin C. Deitrich
Notes: soft (but occasionally briefly h/c), ABC DVD
Alternate Titles
  • Girls Who Play Alone
  • Girls Without Lovers
  • Girls Without Men DVD box title
  • Meisjes zonder Mannen Netherlands
  • Play Girls: Le porno adolescenti Italy
  • Martina Domingo plays Miss Stephanie, the teacher
  • Rita Waldenberg as Inga Soerensen, Monika Lindgreen or uncredited, plays Rita
  • Ursula Maria Schaefer as Inga Soerensen, Monika Lindgreen or uncredited, plays Ursula
  • Uschi Karnat as Inga Soerensen, Monika Lindgreen or uncredited, plays Elsa
  • XNK8630 non-sex, plays Yolanda/Cecile (depending on which classroom scene)
  • XNK8631 non-sex, plays a student
  • XNK8632 non-sex, plays a student
  • XNK8633 non-sex, plays a student
  • XNK8634 non-sex, plays a student
  • Eric Falk
Notes and Reviews

Other males -

  • Roman Huber
  • Rene Gubser

None of the males were credited. The unidentified females appeared only in the two classroom scenes. Apart from Yolanda/Cecile there were a couple of other names used by the teacher, but they were difficult to be certain about. XNK8633 and XNK8634 were effectively only extras.

This film teetered on the edge of hardcore, occasionally and briefly falling over into it. Uschi Karnat's masturbation scenes, one with a cucumber in a field, were clearly real. Some of the lesbian scenes were also very explicit and probably real. There is a strong suspicion that the beginning of Martina Domingo's scene with Roman Huber was also real sex, though the evidence is brief. There is no evidence that the other b/g scenes were not simulated, though in the case of Uschi Karnat's b/g scenes, this would not have been because of her scruples. There was also very explicit female handling of Huber's, at times semi-erect, penis in a couple of scenes.

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