< Die Marquise von Sade

Released: 1976
Director: Jesus Franco
Alternate Titles
  • Das Bildnis der Doriana Gray
  • Dirty Dracula
  • Doriana Grey DVD VIP
  • Ejaculations
  • Marquis de Sade box title, German video release
  • La pornostoria della marchesa de sade
  • Le portrait de Doriana Gray
Notes and Reviews

Ramon Ardid, as Raymond Hardy, plays Ziros.

Doriana Gray cannot experience orgasm. She tries to do so by sucking the life force out of her victims' genitals. The victims are supplied by her servant Ziros, but it is her twin sister (imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital) who actually experiences (telepathically) the orgasms she craves. This is discovered by a journalist who comes to visit her. The twin sister has a lesbian session with a mute nurse. Doriana's victims are Peggy Markoff and Martine Stedil who takes part in a hard-core threesome with Lina Romay and Ramon Ardid (Romay's partner at the time). There is also a lesbian scene with Monica Swinn and lots of masturbation by Lina Romay.

Everyone seems to think that Pamela Stanford is in this, but she's certainly not in the version that I have (Die Marquis von Sade, the hard core version).

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