< Il Mostro dell'autostrada Napoli-Roma

Released: 1998
Director: Magdalena Lynn as Nicky Ranieri
Notes: Mario Salieri Entertainment Group
Alternate Titles
  • The Monster of the A2 Freeway
  • Le Monstre de L'Autoroute Colmax
  • El Monstruo de la autovia A2 Spain
  • Schmutzig genommen... sei willig, du Schlampe! Goldlight
Notes and Reviews

The credits are totally confusing. Most names appear under fuzzy stills in the opening credits but these cannot be relied upon

  • Sonia Russo plays the girl whose bike breaks down.
  • Jennifer Red plays the girl on the stairs
  • Isabelle [2] plays the girl who is bound and gagged.
  • Vivienne Tolli plays the girl who has sex while her husband sleeps.
  • Judith has sex with Karim while Walter Midolo watches and then has a threesome with Francesco Malcolm and XNK0972.

Males -

  • Francesco Malcolm plays Sergio Assumma
  • Walter Midolo plays Nicola Capuano
  • Zenza Raggi as Karim Schubert plays Santo Notarnicola

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