< Messalina orgasmo imperiale

Released: 1981
Director: Joe d'Amato
Alternate Titles
  • Messalina West Germany, VFL
  • Virgin Of The Roman Empire 2: The Imperial Orgasm
Notes and Reviews

Review from the German version (published by VFL Video).

Messalina was a Roman empress and the third wife of Emperior Claudius. She was notorious for her cruelty and excessive lifestyle. Found guilty of conspiracy against her husband she was executed 48 AD.

This movie is not inspired by historical facts. It's just a simple trivial sex plot which is quite ridiculous and can't bear comparison with Brass's Caligula or even D'Amato's Caligola: La storia mai raccontata.

Messalina is bored and whiles away her time having sex with her black (slave) masseur, Pontio. He tells her about a woman named Milde v. Tivulus who runs an erotic massage class. Hungry for sexual adventures she takes part by using a false name.

The group consists of men and it's easy for her to deceive them. She gains the confidence of Butius, Milde's gay confidant, and becomes acquainted with Centurion Silvio. He must be meant to be the historical 'Silius' whom Messalina bigamously married later which was one of the reasons for her execution.

One day she sends for Milde. When Milde arrives at the palace she's really ashamed because she recognizes that the supposed slave girl Lydia from her class is the empress herself.

Messalina asks her for lesbian sex including extended dildo games. When they have finished Messalina poisons her.

Meanwhile Claudius gets an intensive blowjob from his dark haired slave girl who spoils his officer Evolo in the same way.

Messalina meets Silvio for a second time. After they have finished sex they talk about their marriage.

Claudius, who stays in his summer residence at Ostia, gets informed by Roman senators about the scandalous marriage and sends Evolo to kill her. But Messalina deceives and poisons him. Here's where the story ends.

The dialogue (in the German version) is lousy, but the two MILFs Messalina and Milde compensate the audience with a lot of sex scenes. The budget must have been quite small because there are only a very few actors involved and outdoor scenes, which are typical for most historical movies, are fairly rare.


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