< Il Mondo porno di due sorelle

Released: 1978
Director: Franco Rosetti as Fred Gardner
Notes: drama / soft porn, but hard version exists, includes American Sherry Buchanan
Alternate Titles
  • Deux super sensuelles
  • Emanuelle and Joanna
  • Emanuelles Erotiska Äventyr
  • Intime Beichte einer Frau
  • Lady Sex West Germany, Jackpot
  • Super Sensuele Flemish title?
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Brunello Chiodetti plays Robbie
  • Daniele Dublino plays Andy
  • Goetz Groh plays Paul
  • Mauro Frittella plays the House-servant

Although most versions of this film are soft, a hardcore version does exist.

The plot is about two radically different twin sisters. Giovanna (Paola Montenero) is a sexually liberated woman who runs a brothel specializing in kinky fetishism, while Emanuela (Sherry Buchanan) is married and trying to live the good life. Unfortunately, Emanuela's husband Robbie (Brunello Chiodetti) is a slimy scumbag who treats her like crap and who demands that she services him sexually whenever he wants (which is pretty much all the time). In desperation, Emanuela ends up turning to Giovanna for help, and, in the end, the twin sisters get back at Robbie and find lesbian happiness together.

Most of the credited main players (including Marina Hedman) only participate in soft sex scenes. However, the numerous sex scenes between Sherry Buchanan and Brunello Chiodetti contain hardcore inserts. I assume it's Chiodetti himself in those inserts but there's a very obvious body double for Buchanan.

There are a couple of other hardcore scenes too, which take place during a lengthy sequence when Emanuela visits Giovanna's brothel:

  • There's some brief footage of a man (whose face is never shown) getting a blowjob from a brunette whose face is impossible to make out. The same man then fucks a long-haired blonde (XNK3176).
  • Then there is a longer scene where Emanuela is looking through a peep-hole at two bikers dressed in female underwear who are getting blowjobs by two girls (a blonde and a brunette). The brunette is also fucked doggie-style and there's a cumshot at the end of the scene. This sequence is not insert footage shot at a later time because Paola Montenero is seen interacting with the bikers and the girls before the hardcore action starts.

Johan Melle

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