< Mobilhome Girls

Released: 1985
Director: Michel Lemoine as Michel Leblanc
Alternate Titles
  • Jouissances à domicile French re-issue title
  • Marilyn - Scharfe Girls auf Achse Herzog
  • Marilyn und ihre hürigen Girls West Germany, Mike Hunter
  • Mobile Home Girls USA cable TV title
  • Mobilehome Girls
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • John Oury plays a waiter, barman or hotel owner or employee
  • Gabriel Pontello plays the father of Antony Ray, husband of Laura Clair
  • André Kay plays the first client of the mobile brothel
  • Antony Ray plays the boyfriend of Marianne Aubert
  • Eric Dray (Saville) as Pierre Martinelli plays a corrupt policeman
  • Pjotr Stanislas, uncredited, client in first scene
  • Patrick Marin, possibly one of two males play clients in the first scene

After a party involving herself, Marianne Aubert, Maria Granada and XNK0321 (who does not seem to appear in the French video) with some male clients, Olinka takes her working girls on a working holiday to Italy. XNK0321 is replaced by Françoise for this trip. She and Maria Granada have a g/g session on the way, then she takes on the first client, André Kay, at the first place they stop, in a very public town square. they get moved on by Eric Dray and park discreetly in the country. Marianne Aubert is sent into town with a sandwich board offering 'Des heures inoubliables dans le caravane. Venez nous visiter. 100% discretion ...' (Unforgettable hours in the caravan. Come to visit us. 100% discretion guaranteed etc.. ) However she meets an ex-boyfriend on holiday with his father (Gabriel Pontello). There is an argument, but they arrange to meet at a swimming pool. Meanwhile Pontello's wife is having her way with the barman (John Oury) at the hotel.

Eric Dray visits the caravan to sample the goods of Olinka and Françoise (over the back of his motorcycle), though he has to search them for conealed weapons first, making them 'assume the position', and Gabriel Pontello then samples Maria Granada and Françoise.

The boyfriend pins up a notice at the pool, saying it is closed, to give himself and Marianne privacy and they make love. On her return Marianne discovers her boyfriend's father in flagrante and uses this to blackmail him to approve of her relationship with his son. She quits hooking and goes off to Venice with the boyfriend. Olinka, Maria, Françoise, Gabriel, Eric and John Oury party on at the caravan (DP for Françoise).

This is an unusally long film for the mid-80s, but the time is not wasted - Olinka doesn't even do her usual dance.

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