< Il Mistero del fallo d'oro (parte 1)

Released: 1994
Director: Michael Carpenter
Notes: Trading Distribuzioni
Alternate Titles
  • Das Geheimnis des goldenen Phallus Teil 1 MJP, 'a Roberto Malone Production'
  • The Golden Dick 1
  • Secrets of the Golden Dick
Notes and Reviews


  • Alain L'Yle plays Paul Cravier
  • Roberto Malone plays Roberto Sensi
  • Eric Weiss plays Enrico D'Ursi
  • Adriano Galli plays Aldo Intani
  • Francesco Malcom plays M. Ortega
  • Boris Bianco plays Socrate
  • Nico Toscani plays Rocco


  1. Nathalie, AL
  2. Caramelle [brief anal), RM
  3. Gina [anal], EW, RM
  4. Francesca [anal], AL
  5. Elodie, unknown young male, Francesca [mast.-only]
  6. Joanna, Francesca, unknown male from sc. 5, second unknown male
  7. Gina, FM

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