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Released: 1998
Director: Magdalena Lynn as Nicky Ranieri
Notes: 75 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Double jeu Colmax
  • Double jeu pervers Colmax
  • Twins - Anale W√ľnsche Goldlight 094.1, 'with bonus material'
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Zenza Raggi as Karim Stuart
  • Reinard Folggestenk
  • Francesco Malcolm
  • Jolth Walton
  • J. Enrich Lotti

Scene breakdown:

  1. Very busty brunette (with large areolas) (Lena Bostic) with male set in a room (ends in facial).
  2. Scene set in a disco, girl with long, straight dark hair, large breasts, large upper front teeth (Fixen?) and Francesco Malcolm (ends in facial).
  3. The two sisters Anita & Olga on a bed with two males (one being Zenza Raggi). The twins kiss and caress each other while dressed in similar sweaters and blue jeans, then they make out with the two males side by side on the large bed, they do some light kissing while the two ride the males, one of the girls films the action with a movie camera while the two males briefly DP the other sister, the scene ends with the two sisters sitting next to each other on the corner of the bed while the men cum on their faces.
  4. Girl with dirty blonde and wavy hair, medium-sized breasts, with male have sex in bed (ends on open-mouth facial).
  5. Busty brunette (Bostic) on a cot with Jolth Walton (long anal scene, cum shot over her breasts).
  6. One of the sisters (unsure which one) and male on a green couch (ends in facial).


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