< Miserie e nobiltà

Released: 2003
Director: Magdalena Lynn as Nicky Ranieri
Alternate Titles
  • Die Frau des Anwalts Goldlight
  • Jouissances napolitaines Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Steve Holmes plays Mr Helmut
  • Francesco Malcom plays Francesco the bum
  • Silvio Evangelista plays Silvio the bum
  • Remigio Zampa plays Mr Helmut's lawyer, non-sex
  • Arturo Mannini plays Francesco's & Siilvio's old father, non-sex

Two homeless brothers save a wealthy man from a nearly fatal heart attack. To thank them the man invites them to spend a week in his luxury villa and enjoy life there (including the maid). The two bums then plan their benefactor's death, manage to steal his fortune and finally settle down in their newly-acquired heaven along with their old father. The widow-turned-maid will now satisfy all their needs.

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