< Mr Dick a Bologna

Released: 2003
Director: Andrea Nobili
Notes: Pink'o, c. 90 min.
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Andrea Nobili
  • Franco Trentalance
  • Fausto Moreno
  • Maurizio
  • Alessandro


  1. Samantha has short white-blonde hair, wearing very large glasses, with passable looks and wiry body, some ink on her body (left shoulder blade, near left buttock), piercing on her navel, and fake boobs. She is at first seen during and after the credits strolling through the streets of Bologna, then goes on a car ride with a bald-headed male (probably the one billed in the credits as as Alessandro, and who appears to be Alessandro Cristalli). They get frisky in the car, they stop at quiet spot in the woods somewhere, where she blows him and has sex next to the car. The scene is brief and ends abruptly. She is next seen in an apartment, in black lingerie, stands above a toilet bowl and pees inside, she masturbates with a dildo, sits on the toilet bowl again and pees again. On a couch she has sex with two males (Alessandro and Fausto Moreno) (anal, DP, facials)
  2. Next up is young, attractive, busty brunette Anastasia, who wears black lingerie, squats on a toilet bowl and pees a little. On a chair (and on the floor) in a living room she has sex with Franco Trentalance (anal, she jerks him off on her open mouth)
  3. Andrea Nobili is interviewing an attractive Brazilian who calls herself Evelyn (she is apparently billed in the movie as Marisa for some strange reason). She claims to be in Italy for only 20 days (although she seems to have a good grasp of Italian). She has a slim body with large breasts. She strips and masturbates with a yellow dildo. She has sex with Nobili and another male on a bed (anal, DP, Nobili cums on her pussy and the other male on her tongue and mouth)
  4. Mary is a voluptuous brunette with large breasts, who also takes a tinkle in the toilet at the beginning of her scene. She masturbates on a chair and is soon joined by 3 males Alessandro, Moreno, Trentalance?- anal, DP, facial).


Part of the artwork shows Anastasia as she appears in the contemporaneously-shot 'Tutto quello che vuoi'. Andrew Ascolta, the producer, is erroneously credited as director on the cover.

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