< Marie salope

Released: 1979
Director: Alain Payet as John Love
Alternate Titles
  • Iris e l'amore stolen title for Italian video release
  • La Marie-salope alternative French title
  • Pensionnat très spécial video title
  • Porno pensieri Italy
Notes and Reviews

The Italian video tape had fake Italian title (Iris e l'amore, not a porn film) and credits, giving director as David Greenberg, and cast as Gideon Shemer, Leora Ramon, Shmuel Kraus, Han Rovina, Mandy Rice Davis (definitely not present). Actually this is a French film, probably made at about the same time as Scrabble Partouzes and with a similar cast. Another Italian video tape falsely uses the title Porno pensieri and this has the correct credits for this film.

Males -

  • Guy Royer plays Jean-Pierre, Martine's boyfriend
  • Robert Le Ray plays le mari (husband of 'la gouvernante')
  • Dominique Aveline - boyfriend of the maid
  • Jacques Marbeuf
  • Richard Lemieuvre - in final orgy
  • unidentified male (non-sex)

Marilyn Jess plays a teenager discoverd by har aunt (?, Lucette Gill) having sex with her boyfriend (Guy Royer) and sent off, for the correction of her wicked ways, to a house run by Monique Carrère with maid Brigitte Verbecq. Although they pretend to be strict, on her first night, Marilyn discovers Monique and Brigitte having lesbian sex and then joined by Robert Le Ray to make a threesome.

Next day she looks for the dildo they used and is discovered by Monique using it on herself. Monique spanks Marilyn. Then Marilyn turns the tables and spanks Monique. They end up having g/g sex.

Dominique Aveline has sex with Brigitte in the kichen and Marilyn spies on that too. Brigitte gets Marilyn to strip and tease Jacques Marbeuf and then Brigitte has sex with him.

Monique invites Guy Royer to dinner and they have a threesome with Marilyn. Finally they all, plus Richard Lemieuvre, Céline Gallone, Lucie Doll and Maria Catala have an orgy.

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