< Minouche l'insatiable

Released: 1980
Director: Joe de Palmer as Henri de la Castellane
Alternate Titles
  • Minouche die Supersau
  • Minouche fillette insatiable
  • Sexraub verbotene Gelüste Herzog
  • Sperm à volonté
  • Unlimited Girls
  • Les Voleurs
Notes and Reviews

There are five females and five males.

Males -

  • Pjotr Stanislas
  • Guy Bérardant
  • Cyril Val
  • Jacques Gatteau
  • Patrick Perrin

Laura Clair, Myka Barthel, Nadine Roussial and Kate Bretty are getting laid by Pjotr Stanislas, Guy Bérardant, Patrick Perrin and Cyril Val in a mansion in some village.

Jacques Gatteau is hanging around outside of the house, drunk, and he's peeking through the windows at the action. He has a dream about having a threesome with two of the girls. When he gets inside the house he falls asleep on a couch where he gets all the girls over him.

The last scene is when the cleaning maid (Elisabeth Buret - as a brunette) enters the house and finds him sleeping on the couch. He tries to penetrate her but he can't get an erection. Then the other four guys join the action and they take the maid one by one.

When a cop rings at the front door all the guys leave the house by the back door.

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