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Released: c. 1993
Director: Christophe Clark
Notes: Grand'Idea Video Team
Alternate Titles
  • Rapporti anali ?
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Marco Toto
  • Jolt Walton
  • Mike Foster
  • Christophe Clark as Christophe Clarck
  • Zoltan Kabay
  • Frank Gun

Morning in the house of M. Toto and Jessica Rizzo. Jessica goes to the doctor (Mike Foster). He fucks her, helped by his assistant (Jolt Walton). Meanwhile Marco calls Jessica's friend, Monica (XNK1119) and fucks her. She tells him that his wife is betraying him, and they both go to the doctor. They find them fucking and join them.

Then Jessica persuades her husband that she will not be unfaithful again. She calls her friend I. Adorata to talk about her problems. Then she goes to her and they have a threesome with her friend Aldo (Christophe Clark). Later, before Jessica's return, we find Marco in a garden fucking Jasmine. Then he fucks Jessica on the shore of a lake, but later they are surprised by two young men (Zoltan Kabay and Frank Gun). After they tie Marco to a log, these two rape Jessica and finally Gun pisses on her body.


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