< Mano profonda 3

Released: c. 2008
Director: Federico Guarnieri
Notes: Pink'o
Notes and Reviews

Notes by Len801.

Males: Max 70, Leonardo de Luca (L Conti), Nico Lewinsky. Music: Bloody annoying!

  1. Clarissa (plays Clarissa), Max 70 (plays Vittorio), second male seen briefly receving a BJ, face not seen. Vittorio arrives home, and finds his SO Clarissa giving her male lover a blowjob. Vitt. is upset - he calls her a whore and goes to mope on a couch in the living-room. She soon joins him and asks his forgiveness; they kiss and make up (it does not bother him to French kiss her even though her mouth had only been sucking another man's dick only moments before. Only in porn!). They fuck on the couch in a variety of positions and he even buttfucks her. Then he vaginally fists her very deeply, fucks her some more in the ass, and jerks off over her trimmed bush. In spoon position you can clearly see her horrible boob-job (lumpy, scarred, and misshapen).
  2. Angela, Conti. Angela (quite likely Brazilian) is wearing a black jacket and blouse, green miniskirt and long black boots, and big earrings. They walk around outdoors and kiss on a park bench, then return to their apartment for lunch. She (or the director) must have watched Tony Richardson's 1963 Tom Jones far too many times, trying to eroticize simple food consumption; she even sucks on a banana, which she soon replaces with a real life dick. Then they have sex on the kitchen table (she keeps her high-heeled black boots on). Not letting the banana go to waste, he inserts it in her pussy and even eats some. Then the real fun begins - he fists her pussy in doggie and missionary positions on the table. Then he fucks her vaginally and anally in a couple of positions, and ends up jerking off over her stomach and chest (some stuff even lands on her face).
  3. Stella, Vera. Stella seems to be hustling on a street and is picked up by Vera. In a tacky room, Stella sprawls on the bed and starts masturbating; where she is quickly joined by Vera. The two have lesbian sex: in doggie Vera is deeply vaginally fisted by Stella. Throughout this scene Stella seems simply to go through the motions and often looks nervously at the camera. Vera is a lot more into it, really enjoying the fisting she is getting.
  4. Mary, Lewinsky (here with more hair than usual on his head). Orsini is a mature woman, with a navel-piercing; she is wearing a black sweater and beige short skirt (red bra and panties underneath). Working away at a computer in a doctor's office, she appears to be bored. Her doctor boss (Lewinsky) glances at her from time to time and is getting quite aroused; he beckons her over and asks for a BJ, which she promptly provides. Then they have sex on top and next to his desk. While she lies on her back, he begins probing her partially-shaved pussy with his fingers and tries to fist her in missionary and doggie - although his hand does not get very far inside. This tame fisting is rather brief; he then buttfucks her in missionary, and jerks off over her pussy and stomach.
  5. Tamara, Sara. There is really no set-up in this scene. It begins with the two women already on a couch, partially undressed and kissing. These are the least attractive performers in this film, and perhaps it would be best to simply eject the DVD or simply fast-forward. The director must either have a banana fetish, or there was nothing much else around the house that they could use - Sara peels one and stuffs it inside Tamara's pussy... soon Sara is probing Tamara's bald pussy with her fingers. She does manage to get her whole hand inside her (in missionary and doggy).

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