< Die Methoden des Dr. Fist

Released: 2006
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, Faust Fucker G 223655
Alternate Titles
  • Terapia Shock Top Line (Italy) , DD 1513
Notes and Reviews

The sole male is Conny 'Daxs', who plays the eponymous Dr. Cornelius Fist. The Italian DVD thankfully retains the original direct German audio.

  1. Pinky, fucked and fisted
  2. Janine, fisted over a toilet by Dachs
  3. Sharon - anal, gloved half-fist frim Dachs
  4. Pinky (bgg), Janine (fisted by Pinky). Then bbg with anal sex/vaginal fist double for Janine
  5. Les. Janine takes a 1½-fisting from Pinky (the half) and Sharon (all). Sharon takes a double ½-fist from the others... I don't recall SDV ever taking a full fist, despite her predilection for anal and other games.

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