< Massenorgasmus

Released: 1995
Director: Jean Dark
Notes: VTO 1131, DVD: VTO-04 AO
Notes and Reviews

Names in on-screen credits, as they appear:

  • Dalila Mina
  • Nicole Hey
  • Mano Muc
  • Jean-Yves Le Castel
  • Kristel Burg
  • Dany Spey
  • Gundi Berg
  • Sabrina Kern
  • Aaron Nils
  • Toni Capella
  • Leon Gaulthier (Hakan Serbes)
  • Joey Murphey (though not spotted)
  • Toni Carlos
  • Dehlaila Lai
  • Nick Del
  • Chris Marsch
  • Fred Ommes
  • Peter Erick
  • Deborha Cristel
  • Angelique Red
  • Wayne Schlegel

There seem to be 11 females and 11 males, including Joe Kalinka (uncredited as such), in the cast. The film starts off with Dalia and Kelly; they are joined for a lesbian free-for-all by, in succession, 6834, Latifa, Kristel, Tracey, Sabrina, 6835, Angelique and finally Deborah. The males then enter en masse.


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