< Maîtresse du vice

Released: 1983
Director: Joe de Palmer (Joe de Lara)
Alternate Titles
  • Jouissances sadiques video title
  • Maîtresses du vice
  • La Secte du vice
Notes and Reviews

In addition to the listed cast, an unidentified long-haired brunette plays the hitch-hiker and a short-haired brunette appears as a participant in the final orgy.

Males -

  • André Kay, as André Vinouze, plays Paul
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Monsieur Ducresnot, the head of the sect
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays an assistant in the black mass
  • Gabriel Pontello plays an assistant in the black mass

Two other males participate in the final orgy.

The plot deals with Virginie falling out with her boyfriend Paul in a discotheque. Her friend Cathy cheers her up and invites her to a weekend in the country.

Back home, Cathy makes love with her friend Clara. In fact both are members of a sect and plan to use Virginie in a sort of dark ceremony led by Monsieur Ducresnot. So they bring Virginie to a house where they are welcomed by Martha, who is wearing the sign of the sect. On his way to the place, M. Ducresnot picks up a hitch-hiker and extracts payment for himself on her body.

Virginie soon understands that something is wrong when, awakened by some sort of chant, she witnesses M. Ducresnot and Clara performing a ritual while in a sexual frenzy. She is caught watching by Martha who gives her a drug and Virginie falls into a deep sleep, dreaming of another ritual involving her tied on a table in the middle of an orgy.

Meanwhile, Cathy, who has left the place, makes love with Paul and remorsefully tells him that Virginie is in danger. Paul drives to the place and gets caught by members of the sect who drug him.

The ritual is about to be performed when Cathy shows up. She is found guilty by the sect and has to undergo corporal punishment before being accepted again.

Now the ceremony can begin. Paul, still drugged and under the leader's spell, takes Virginie's virginity and all the participants fall into an orgy.

Later, we see Paul and Virginie (any literary allusion here?) with a young woman and we understand she will be the next to encounter the sect.

Monsieur Ducresnot is seen fondling a little plastic baby at several moments in the film which leads us to think that some evil spirit needs the sacrifice of someone's virginity by the sect in order to be born into this world. Some sort of porn Rosemary's Baby then.


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