< Neiges brûlantes

Released: 1983
Director: Michel Lemoine
Notes: Alpha France video 1 hr 34 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Burning Snow USA, Caballero DVD, 1 hr 15 mins
  • Lorna Italy, Shendene DVD, box and screen title
  • Lovely Sexual Baby Shendene DVD, title on disk
  • Marilyn Burning Snow Herzog DVD title. 1 hr 28 mins
  • Marilyn for Ever
  • Swedish Playbirds 1982 UK, soft version, 61 minutes
  • La Venus des neiges
  • Voluptés aux sports d'hiver soft version
Notes and Reviews

Credited males -

  • Gabriel Pontello
  • Anthony Debray
  • Gerard Gregory
  • Bernard Cliff

Female credits: Olinka, Olivia Flores, Sophie Zillers, Claudia Nobel, Natacha, Babelush. Apart from the first two, these may be names (though not performers) unique to this film.

Names are from the credits of the American release and some of them may be fake.

Olinka goes to stay with Gabriel Pontello and his wife (XNK0329, probably this is Evelyn Lang?) at a ski resort. She looks remarkably like the girl, Alice, who had stayed there the previous year and behaved outrageously. She is therefore the subject of much gossip.

This is a very long film by the standards of 80s porn and it is sometimes unclear when we are seeing flashbacks to Alice Rent a Girl (Amour aux sports d'hiver). There are various other people there including Olivia Flores and a blonde (Michelle Villers) who have sex with Gabriel Pontello in a ski lift, another blonde (XNK0332) and a curly-haired brunette (XNK0330). One of these is probably who the name Sophie Zillers refers to.

There is sex in the snow, the sauna, the pool, the bar and at a party. At the party Olinka gets tired of all the gossip and strips off in front of everyone, asking if this is what they want to see, then goes home and prepares to leave. When the others meet her coming down the stairs she runs back to her room and throws herself out of the window, landing in the arms of a workman clearing the snow. She is then reconciled and leaves with her boyfriend.

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