< Le Nain assoiffé de perversité

Released: 1987
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard as Myke Strong
Alternate Titles
  • M' Desade Dir. given as Jaques Witt in some sources Videorama, Maximum Perversum 3, German sound, English overdub on some releases
  • Voluptés anales Fil à Film video release
  • Carole Pierac uncredited, plays the servant who fails to satisfy the count
  • Miss Godnibar plays the late countess who, in a flashback, has sex with the count while Jackson and Bunny watch from the stairs
  • Sandra Pile plays the kidnapped girl
  • Sonya Lendl as Sonia Lendl, plays Bunny, the maid
  • Tina Loren uncredited, plays the dominatrix
Notes and Reviews

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

Males -

  • an unidentified bearded male plays the count
  • André Kay plays Jackson, the valet
  • Désiré Bastareaud, 'le Nain' of the title, who does not actually appear until the last scene

A 'Miss Godnibar' is credited and, according to Le Dictionnaire, plays the late countess in flashback. Judging by the fade-in before and the fade out after, this must be the slightly plump brunette who has sex with the count while Jackson and Bunny watch from the stairs.

Another possibility, given the way dominatrices are usually named, is that Miss Godnibar is the dominatrix, that is Tina Loren.

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