< Novecenterotico 1

Released: 1999
Director: Ricky Grimaldi
Notes: Stars Pictures / Ricky Grimaldi Productions, also released as a single film
Alternate Titles
  • Der Clan der Unersättlichen DVD Videorama
  • Novecenterotico on-screen title
  • Novecento erotico 1
  • La Saga du Sexe 1 des années 30 de l'an 2000 DVD Video Marc Dorcel with no. 2
  • Andrea Nobili
  • Dino Toscani plays Ambrogio, the driver
  • Roberto Malone as Robert Malone in opening credits, plays Luciano Guerrieri
Notes and Reviews

Andrea Nobili plays Renato Guerrieri.

Other males -

  • Holly Hammer plays Antonio Guerrieri
  • Daris Paletti, non-sex, plays Paolo Guerrieri
  • Rocco Stefanelli, non-sex, plays Don Silvano
  • Rocco Buchi, non-sex, plays the man at the brothel
  • Tony di Paola, non-sex, plays the estate agent (mediatore)
  • John Fers, non-sex, plays fotografo (photographer)

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