< Napoli-Parigi, linea rovente 2

Released: 1991
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Black and Blue Entertainment Group, Salieri DVD, also stars Tracey Adams as Tracy Adams (iafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Napoli-Paris Hot on the Trail Part 2 on-screen title Mike Hunter DVD
  • Napoli-Paris Part Two Germany, S.A.P.
  • Sarah and Friends 11 SAP, includes Napoli-Parigi, linea rovente 2
  • Sarah Young Directors Cut Special Edition 1 Mike Hunter DVD of Sarah and Friends 11 which includes Napoli-Parigi, linea rovente 2
  • Sex Italie 2 France
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Philippe Soine
  • Christophe Clark
  • Richard Lengin as Richard Voicin
  • Yves Baillat as Yves Bayard
  • Vincent Guerra, plays Vincenzo
  • Carmelo Petix, groping only
  • Edmond Walber
  • Franco d'Alessi, uncredited, non-sex
  • Etienne Jaumillot, uncredited, non-sex
  • unidentified older male, groping only

The same credits are used for both parts 1 and 2 though not everyone appears in both and two females who appear in part 2 are uncredited. Mario de Sica is credited, but does not appear. Monica Tanner is credited (as Monica Sideri) but does not appear. Edmond Walber is credited and may not appear - see notes to part 1.

Scenes (1 and 2 are intercut, as are 3 and 4 and then 5 and 6):

  1. Deborah Wells and Philippe Soine
  2. Charlene Roben, Tracey Adams (leaves partway through) and Richard Lengin, watched by Vincent Guerra (who also leaves partway through)
  3. Christelle Deballiere, Carole Tredille, Yves Baillat
  4. Tracey Adams and Vincent Guerra
  5. Laura Valerie has sex with Richard Lengin while Carmelo Petix, and another older male watch and grope
  6. Isabelle Allay and Philippe Soine
  7. Katie Lear, Stephanie Bahno and Richard Lengin

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