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Released: 2001
Director: Max Bellocchio
Alternate Titles
  • Barbara et les fines braguettes Video Marc Dorcel, 97 mins, a scene missing
  • Grossvater ... woran schnueffelst Du? Dir. given as Jack Crawler Goldlight, 106 mins, more complete but missing a final non-sex sequence
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Philippe Dean, as Philip Dean, plays the gardener
  • Sebastian Barrio as Sebastian Barros (Barrios in the French credits)
  • Rodolph Dessen
  • Mirone Da Nola
  • Bernard

Scenes -

  1. Jessica Fiorentino and a male servant (ID unknown)
  2. Beata Szabo, Katerina Atos (anal), Philippe Dean
  3. Jessica Fiorentino (anal), Philippe Dean, grandfather (mostly non-sex, fondling)
  4. Beata Szabo (lesbian), Katerina Atos (lesbian), grandfather (mostly non-sex, fondling)
  5. Tara Young (anal), Katerina Atos, Philippe Dean
  6. Renata Rey (anal), Philippe Dean, Mirone Da Nola (?) (non-sex)
  7. Jessica Fiorentino (anal), Philippe Dean, Sebastian Barrio, Rodelph Dessen

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