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Released: 1979
Notes: Starlight loop, 21 mins, on Love Video Club Magazin 1, shot in London. Blue One DVD under the title Frous-Frous with Ondées brûlantes, Cathy, fille soumise and three other loops.
Alternate Titles
  • Frou-Frous title used on Blue One DVD, 19 mins.
Notes and Reviews

A loop shot for Tabu, but shot in London. At least the exteriors are in London and there would seem to be little point in taking Brigitte Lahaie and Richard Lemieuvre to London merely to shoot exteriors. Plus the other actress is British.

Richard Lemieuvre drives up to a Georgian terraced house, presumably in London (it's a right-hand drive van) and delivers some underwear to a wealthy household. The lady of the house (Lahaie) is walking her dog in the park. Lemieuvre has sex with the maid (Ann-Elizabeth), and when the lady of the house returns he does her as well. The maid watches from the stairs and another man (possibly British) catches her at it and has her on the stairs. When Lemieuvre leaves he finds that his van has acquired a parking ticket.

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