< Orgies pour jouir

Released: 1979
Director: Lazlo Renato
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Cyril Val as Alain, plays Karine's husband
  • André Miller as Hervé, plays Danièle Troeger's husband
  • Gabriel Pontello as Gabriel, plays the customer/rapist
  • undientified male plays Pontello's friend

Karine tells Danièle Troeger that she won't be able to meet a potential customer at the appointment she has given him and asks that Danièle replace her. Danièle says she will and both women make love with their husbands.

Danièle gets raped by the customer (in some sort of cheap parody of Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris).

Back home Danièle doesn't tell her husband (who has fantasies involving Jenny Feeling) about it.

Danièle, who wants to see him again, calls her rapist to introduce him to a female friend of hers. He is busy with Mika and the couple is soon joined by one of his friends who claims his 15% share of the thing (!).

Danièle introduces her friend (Françoise Maillot) to her rapist and - you guessed it - the thing ends up in a threesome before turning into a foursome after the arrival of the 15% friend.

As Danièle's husband is looking for her at her workplace, he encounters her platinium-blonde boss (Chantal?) and they make it in her office. Danièle, her friend and their two male new friends turn up and all six join in the usual final orgy.


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