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Released: 1982
Director: Bruno Vani
Notes: Fokus Film
  • Guia Lauri Filzi as Guia Lauri, plays Natalie, Gaspar's wife
  • Laura Levi as Gabriella Trinca (Gabriella Tricca on cover), plays Monique, PIerre's wife
  • Mary Ramunno as Maria Ramunno, plays Angelina Ficcabene
  • Giuseppe Curia plays Toni, the factor
Notes and Reviews

Other males -

  • Rodolfo Montagnani plays Pierre
  • Piero Pieri, as Pietro Impellizzeri, plays Gaspar, Pierre's uncle
  • Salvatore Carrara plays Salvatore

Film information added with help from Franco Grattarola & Andrea Napoli, Luce Rossa. La nascita e le prime fasi del cinema pornografico italiano, Roma: Ed. Iacobelli, 2014, pp. 362-363.

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