< L'Obsession de Laure

Released: 1996
Director: Christophe Clark
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Christophe Clark plays the doctor
  • Francesco Malcom plays the doctor's son
  • Andrew Youngman
  • Zolt Walton

A psychiatrist (Christophe Clark) in Budapest hires a French girl (Laure Sainclair) to tutor his son. Everybody fucks her, except the doctor. In the end he sends her back to France.

Scene 1: Nadia Linden tells Christophe of her husband's fantasies. He likes to see her fucked by other men. On a bed, fully nude, she gets a cow girl dp and a single facial/mouth cumshot. Short scene.

Scene 2: Nadia Linden wants to fuck the doctor ... and she does on the sofa, while Nikita is watching. Nadia wears a green shiny dress, black underwear, stockings and platform sandals. Blowjob, reverse cow girl, spoon, missionary, anal missionary, anal doggy, blowjob again while his wife is talking on the phone, then missionary and a fake (!) cumshot (not visible).

Scene 3: Laure Sainclair arrives in the house with Victoria Queen (who leaves after calling her husband). Excited by photographs of Francesco Malcom she found in her room, Laure, all in black (corset, string, stockings, pumps), masturbates in her room, while Francesco is watching. Very hot scene.

Scene 4: Victoria Queen, upset after the phone call to her husband, goes to a swimming pool for some fucking action. She wears white corset, string and stockings, and black pumps. She teases a guy , who fucks her standing doggy, then reverse cow girl. She gets his cumshot by hand and blowjob.

Scene 5: Francesco and Laure leave the dinner table. He threatens to tell that he saw her masturbating and gets a blow job (she's not so upset about it ...). The scene ends with no cumshot.

Scene 6: Laure, wearing a red combination, black stockings and pumps, is watching the photographs again and masturbating on a sofa. Francesco comes in and begins to lick her from behind. Reverse cow girl, spoon, cow girl and breast cumshot.

Meanwhile, Christophe is having sex with Victoria (black dress, underwear, stockings and pumps) in their room. He licks her pussy, then she blows him. Missionary, cow girl, reverse cow girl, spoon, while Anita Blond (black dress, stockings and pumps) is watching and masturbating. They invite her to join them. Anita blows Christophe, gets rcg and missionary, then Victoria gets a deep anal doggy and an anal spoon. Double facial cumshot.

Scene 7: Laure in an indoor swimming pool. She gets a massage from a guy. Blowjob, pussy licking, spoon, reverse cow girl, cow girl, anal doggy, facial/mouth cumshot. Victoria watches the whole scene and masturbates.

Scene 8: Christophe is upset because of dust on his desk. He forces Nikita (the secretary, wearing pink lingerie, white stockings and pumps) to masturbate (which she doesn't dislike ...). Blowjob, doggy leaning on the desk, cow girl on the sofa, reverse cow girl, doggy, missionary, anal, facial cumshot.

Scene 9: Laure and Anita Blonde have a bath and lesbian sex.

Scene 10: Laure and Francesco are in a stairway. She's all in black, from the coat to the stockings, the lingerie and the pumps. He masturbates her, then blowjob, standing doggy, reverse cow girl, pussy (short) cumshot.

Scene 11: A party. Anita Blonde (black stockings and pumps) and Anita Dark (white stockings and pumps) blow Christophe while Laure (black garterbelt, string, stockings) blows another guy. Cow girl for Anita Blonde and Laure. Christophe tries to join Laure but she refuses. Back to Anita Dark, he fucks her missionary. Laure gets a doggy then anal and facial/mouth cumshot, Anita Blonde gets a reverse cow girl and the two Anita's get facial/mouth cumshot.

Scene 12: Christophe fucks Victoria (black stockings and pumps) on the bed, missionary then cow girl, while he has visions of Laure on top of him. The visions continue with Laure (white garterbelt, brown stockings) getting an anal rcg, replaced by Victoria when he cums on her pussy.


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