< Orient Express

Released: 1996
Director: Franco lo Cascio as Luca Damiano
Notes: Luca Damiano Entertainment/Gold Pictures, DVD In-X-Cess
Alternate Titles
  • Adventure on the Orient Express
  • Aventures galantes dans L'Orient eXpress Blue One
  • Aventures galantes en 1√®re classe Blue One DVD
  • Exzesse im Orient Express MMV
  • Orient Sexpress Pearl Productions
  • Andrea Szabo brief non-sex role at start
  • Andrea Weber mis-credited as Andrea Szabo in end credits, plays 'Serge' (dressed as a man)
  • Anita Blond plays Agent
  • Christina Berg as Kaja, plays Marie, Stefan's (Frank Gunn's) accomplice/partner
  • Eniko Wrabel plays Laure (Eniko Wrabei in end credits)
  • Harriet Sax plays the old woman, non-sex
  • Monica Starlet as Monica Kiss (opening credits) or Monika Kiss (closing credits), plays Helena
  • Nikita plays Eva, von Hubert's (Andrea Nobili's) wife
  • Yasmine as Vicky, plays Magda
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Valentino plays Victor, Otto and Pedro (last two presumably fantasy scenarios)
  • John Walton, as Djolt Walton, plays (the) Train Chief
  • Frank Gun, as Ferenc Junasz, plays Stefan
  • Andrea Nobili plays Von Hubert
  • Marcello Toth plays (the) Cook
  • Leslie Taylor, as Leslie Wood, plays (a) Policeman
  • Paul Kreese plays (a) Policeman
  • Mike Foster plays (an) Agent
  • Orlando Wronsky, non-sex, plays Maitre (the head waiter)
  • Luca Damiano, non-sex, plays the person robbed
  • Max Bellocchio, uncredited, non-sex

The account below (from the MMV DVD) may not describe all the scenes. The version viewed for the above credit information was the TV1000 broadcast version.

Since its first tour in 1883 the Orient express has become the stuff legends are made of. Even some porn directors took up the theme about the legendary train. 'Lust on the Orient Express' from 1986 starring John Leslie and Gina Carrera was the best one I've seen so far. Though Damiano's version is just a simple porn flick which lacks an interesting story, some inventive set design and great sex help cover up the modest plot about a group of people on an Orient Express jubilee tour.

The film starts out with Monica Kiss and Valentino on a Danube river cruise through Budapest. The thrilling scene not only presents us with a splendid view of the city, but also some great public sex. Beside the railings he fucks her in the standing position in both of her holes with the castle district right behind them. Both are fully clothed. The idea that they could have been watched from the riverside promenade makes it really exciting, but might be the reason for it's relative shortness as well. He ends by launching a sticky load on her thigh. Kneeling down she closes this saucy scene by sucking him clean. This whets my appetite for more!

The scene changes from the water to the train. While Monica has just started changing her wardrobe she's watched by a stranger until Valentino arrives and chases him away.

Next we accompany the conductor on his tour. During his control check an attractive redhead (Yasmine) is caught fare dodging and the penalty is enforced immediately. In her compartment she gets both of her holes stuffed. Her performance is great as she takes a long-lasting hard anal pounding both doggy and missionary. Eventually she licks the cream off her fingertips.

After a short stay in the restaurant car, Valentino and Monica continue their affair in her sleeping compartment. Some passionate kissing introduces the scene before she sits down on him for (reverse) cowgirl. Next they move to spoon on the fold-down bed. After the train passes through a short tunnel we find them in the doggie position as he penetrates her ass. With his hands clawed into her blonde hair, he fucks her cute body until they change back to reverse cowgirl style. The scene ends with a slo-mo shot over her closed lips and cheeks. While he's using his dick as a wiper-blade to smear it all over her the camera zooms in to some close-ups of her cum-drenched face.

Taking a break from the action we return to the dining car where a guy and a slender redhead (Christina Berg) observe a curly blonde (Nikita) and her drunken companion (Andrea Nobili), sitting next to them. They are obviously interested in their money.

The opportunity arrives when the guy leaves. Christina follows him while her accomplice leads Nikita to the lounge car. There she gets her great ass worked over from all directions until he pours his decent load onto her anus. The scene fades back to Christina milking Andrea onto her tits and flat belly. When he falls asleep she steals his wallet which is placed under the pillow.

Meanwhile Yasmine has become hungry and moves to the kitchen where she meets the cook. This time she pays her bill with a (short) combined blow/handjob. A few strokes later he cums onto a meatball and she licks all his juices off. But her game of hide and seek is not over yet. Back in her compartment she's visited by two officers from the border police. Instead of her passport she hands over a suitcase full of lingerie and you can almost imagine what's going to happen. After getting double-penetrated she comes under heavy fire as they both coat her face, neck and tits with ropes of cum. Meanwhile our thief couple spend their time with two girls. After some reverse cowgirl action the ladies lay down on the floor side by side where they get gallons of cum all over their pretty faces.

The scene fades back to the dining car where our restless couple become active again. They sit down opposite to Anita Blonde and her companion. Right away the chemistry between them seems electrifying as they start stimulating each other with their feet under the table. More and more people then leave until Valentino and Monica are the only ones remaining. The couples have already swapped partners and retired to their compartments. Monica bends over Valentino for a blowjob, showing off her great ass before she's taken cowgirl reverse on the ground. From now on the scene starts switching back and forth between the three couples. Without any foreplay Anita is taken missionary while Christina starts out with a blowjob before she moves up to ride the guy reverse cowgirl style. Monica gets her butthole fucked spoonstyle while Christina suffers the same fate. Both girls take most of the work, while Anita lacks a bit throughout the scene. With a pained look on her face Christina gets her ass stuffed doggie style until 6 or 7 huge loads spurt over her nose and into her open mouth, leaving her face in a real mess. Anita makes Frank cum on her waiting tongue before Monica finishes this multi-angle scene with some drops around the corners of her mouth.

Finally Christina and Frank are caught in the act and handcuffed by Anita and her partner, who turn out to be special agents.

This is definitely a must-have title for Damiano fans. Although Anita's guest appearance is too short the rest of the Hungarian cast offers some great entertainment. Video quality is pretty average and there's nothing to complain about the dubbing. As usual MMV DVD's don't have any mentionable extras except some trailers, though in this case a behind-the-scenes section would have been desirable.


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