< Les Olympiades de l'amour

Released: 1984
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Laura Video
  • Arlene Cardin has three roles - as Mireille Boulange, plays the nurse, as Marie Painson plays the female gendarme and as Melanie Vinka plays a peasant woman / farm girl (in a red wig)
  • Elinia Martinelli as Eve Ascot or Martine Briancon, the blonde co-star
  • Michele Rousseau as Eve Ascot or Martine Briancon, the brunette co-star
Notes and Reviews

One of the men described as "dragueuers" in the film credits is Christophe Clark, possibly credited as Jean Vinaud.

Males -

  • Hubert Valois plays the doctor
  • Claude Lates plays a customs officer
  • Gerome Deutch plays a customs officer
  • Charles Laffu plays a farmer
  • Hugues Dingo plays a 'dragueur'
  • Jean Vinaud plays a 'dragueur'

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